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Down By The Water

A multi-media storytelling performance explores our connection with , and disconnection from, the Natural World.

The Separation of Heaven & Earth

Are we all children of a rancorous cosmological divorce?

R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

"I don’t want to say that this is the best thing that ever happened at N.C. Stage, but I will be bold to declare it a most unique and unexpected triumph. I anticipated something sober, noble, serious and a little boring. What I got was an evening not only bountiful in itself, but one which is redefining what I expect from an experience in the theater. In the future I will expect to be awakened and informed and remade, not merely amused."


Sex, Power, Immortality.

An original retelling of the ancient story.


Don't be afraid,

be disturbed.


"David comes to oral tradition storytelling from theatre and, I learned later, from busking (street performance art that in David’s case includes clowning and mime.) His “Gilgamesh” piece incorporates the best from all of his backgrounds – the intimacy of storytelling, the interpretive skills of acting, the physicality of busking, and the design elements of theatre – to let his audience see that this 5000-year-old story is still a good one, and still relevant."

Smoke From The Everglades

Chaste White & Blush Red

How can I know another until I know myself?

How can I know myself until I know another?

Smoke From the Everglades

Stories from the tropics of boyhood.

Chaste White & Blush Red

"It's a captivating coming-of-age story; mindful material, with a good deal of depth, and the fine talents of a super storyteller.
Novak was raised in Ft. Lauderdale and fondly remembers every nuance of his neighborhood and its denizens. He brings together all those strains into a coherent story that captures our imagination and leaves us most familiar with that area."

"It’s not a traditional play, although there are many characters and it’s told over two acts. Novak calls it a “concert,” and for about 90 minutes he spins fables and tales of love. It’s a fascinating and very effective production and one of the more unusual theater shows we’ve seen lately.
Novak, who wrote the piece, can really hold an audience’s attention. He glides through his work with seeming ease and a very conversational delivery, taking the listener happily along through ancient fables of yore, famous fairy tales and memories of his own childhood."